malavasi factory

Malavasi G. Srl was founded at the beginning of the sixties in a small center of the Modena province with an artisanal character.
It was initially applied in the engineering sector of earthmoving, later specializing in the production and marketing of machines in the road sector.
The experience gained in over 50 years has allowed us to create patented machinery to improve the quality of road work.



Currently, Malavasi G. Srl produces:

  • SLIP FORM MACHINE ‘PAVIJET’ ideal for cycle paths, sidewalks, parking lots, curbs, trenches, repairs on asphalt, road side, etc. to be operated with skid loaders, small shovels, excavators, tractors.
  • ‘SPRAYCAT’  for bituminous emulsion to be applied on skid loaders, small blades, excavators, tractors.

We also sell USED, REVISED, PAINTED and GUARANTEED machines in the road sector.