Mini asphalt Pavijet MG7 (forward)

The new compact mini asphalt Pavijet MG7 is the most recent evolution on the asphalt finishing sector. The mini asphalt Pavijet, whom has been granted an international patent, is the only paver able to fill with gravel, sand, stones, macadam, asphalt (hot and cold) and also concrete, some peculiar worksites like:

  • cycle tracks
  • sidewalks
  • pavements
  • parking lots
  • driveways
  • garden and park paths
  • utility trenches
  • sand in courtyards for self-locking bricks
  • flat layers of concrete in worksites

The mini asphalt MG7 can also bypass any obstacle on the way , like advertising signs, trees etc. , thanks to the retractable screed.

Possibility of loading material directly into the hopper from the truck.

The paver can be used with any skid loader or loader of at least 20 Cv (15 Kw).

The skid loader must have a pump of at least 40/60 l / min and 180 bar of pressure. Hydraulic oil is supplied by the hydraulic system of the skid loader. The control of the machine is given both by the machine and by a small remote control. The feeding of the material inside the hopper can be done directly from the truck.

Advantages of the mini asphalt Pavijet MG7:

  • cost effective (cheaper than any other mini paver)
  • best paving width and thickness
  • high working speed
  • bypasses obstacles
  • radio controlled
  • lays all type of material, asphalt, concrete, gravel, sand
  • easy to transport
  • easy to be filled up directly from the street
  • completely hydraulic
  • no need of maintenance
  • very compact dimensions