Mini paver Itala Dgv 165-40

The mini paver Itala Dgv 165-40 is an autonomous machine. It is ideal for the paving of cycle tracks, walkways, parking lots, trenches and different kinds of rod repair. Itala Dgv 165-40 can lays hot and cold asphalt, cement, sand and crushed stones. The paving width ranges from 0.40 m to 1,65 with a working thickness of -3 till 15 cm. Itala Dgv 165-40 is completely hydrostatic and is controlled directly by the operator on board the mini paver.

Larghezza stesa: 0,40 m a 1,65 m Paving width: From 0,40 m to 1,65 m
Altezza stesa: Da – 3 cm a 15 cm Paving thickness: From – 3 cm to 15 cm
Capacità tramoggia: 1 m³ Hopper capacity: 1 m³
Velocità stesa: Fino a 25 m/min Paving speed: Up to 25m/min
Peso: 840 kg Weight: 840 kg
Dimensioni: Alt. 1,44 mt

Lungh. 2,42 mt.

Largh. 1,05 mt.

Dimensions: Height 1,44 m
Length 2,42 m
Width 1,05 m
Motore: Hatz raffredamento ad aria Engine: Hatz ith air cooling
Vibrazione: 60Hz Vibration: 60Hz
Posa materiale A feddo o a caldo con riscaldamento a Gpl Paving material: Cold or hot, heated by Gpl
Temperatura posa a caldo: 140° Hot paving temperature: 140°
Alimentazione: laterale Loading: Lateral
Comandi: Idrostatico a bordo macchina Controls: Hydristatic from the machine
Movimentazione funzioni: Idrostatica Screed, hoppers, auger: Hydrostatic movement
Lavaggio macchina Con pompa manuale Machinary washing: With a manual pump
Vernice: anticorrosione Paint: Anti-corrosive